Zebra HC100 Z-Band Direct 1"x 11" Wristband Cartridge - Single

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Zebra’s HC100™ allows you to print patient information and barcodes directly on Z-Band® direct thermal wristbands.

In addition, Zebra’s Z-Band direct thermal wristbands:

• Feature a silver antimicrobial coating that protects the wristband.

• Are scannable for up to 14 days.

• Enable staff to quickly and easily print and securely fasten in less than a minute using an adhesive tab or color clip.

• Zebra’s Z-Band wristbands are made of polypropylene. The direct thermal imaging chemistry is composed primarily of leuco dies and developers. The inks/ varnishes used are UV varnishes and water based inks. There is no metal content in or on these particular patient identification bands. Therefore, Z-Band wristbands are considered to be MR-Safe.

• Latex-free.

Laboratory Testing of Zebra's Z-Band

A barcode that fails to scan or requires repeated attempts to scan jeopardizes patient safety and staff productivity. Zebra’s supplies research and development team tested the image durability of Z-Band direct thermal wristbands to ensure optimum image durability and scanning performance. For more details on the durability testing performed, please download our white paper on www.zebra.com titled “Laboratory Testing of Zebra’s Z-Band® Direct Thermal Antimicrobial Wristbands.”


Z-Band Direct

• Classic wristband.

• Adhesive closure.

• Resistance to hand sanitizers such as Purell.

• Scannable up to 14 days.

• Adult size

• Size: 1" X 11"

• Perforated

• Polypropylene

• Direct Thermal

• 200 Wristbands Per Cartridge

• Priced Per Cartridge


Zebra Z-Band wristbands are available with adhesive or clip closure, in a variety of sizes and colors to meet your organization’s needs.