MicroBiz Manages Both Store and Ecommerce Operations

Why You Should be Using MicroBiz....


Designed for Multi-Store Retailers

Designed to manage multi-store operations. It has the functions and features most used by multi-store, multi-channel retailers without the complexity of legacy retail ERP systems.


Cloud Based Software

You receive all the benefits of true cloud-based software: continual offsite backups, instant software updates and ability to access your application anywhere and anytime.


Seamless Magento Integration

Manage your stores and ecommerce site from a single application. No need to manually enter product, customer, inventory, pricing and sales data between systems - it all synchs automatically.


Works with Any Type of Device

MicroBiz is flexible and works with any device that you chose - iPad, Mac, Windows, Android. All you need to run your business is a web browser and internet connection.


Single View of Customers Cross Channel

The application captures customer transactions whether they occur online or in stores. This single customer view tracks customer behavior across multiple channels.


Real-Time Multi-Store Inventory

You can see the available stock of an item across all your stores from a single screen. Use this information to sell items available at other stores, or fulfill online sales from any location.